Monday, 22 January 2018

Awards Night and Party 27th January 2018

This Saturday the awards evening and party for Bolton Tri Club will be held at Little Lever Cricket Club, Victory Road BL3 1JB from 7.30-12. Tickets for adults are £6.00 and for juniors just £3.00.

Tickets will be on sale at most club sessions this week. Many of you have emailed/messaged and asked if you can pay on the night and for us to put tickets aside for you.

Of course you can pay on the night but let us know so we can save you a pastie. 

Friday, 19 January 2018

2018 membership now open

Please click on the BookitZone logo below to join Bolton Tri Club for 2018 or to renew your membership. We do not take paper or postal applications.  If it is the first time you have used BookitZone you will be asked to register with them first but it is easy and very quick

Monday, 15 January 2018

5k Run Benchmark 8th Jan 2018

Click the link for the results from Monday night 5k run benchmark test. Any queries speak to Andy Bassett  5k Times Leverhulme Run Session  Well done everyone

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Running Time Trials

Running Time Trials outcomes from the Arena last Wednesday. If there are any errors/omissions let me know. Time trials are a great way to measure and to make progress. As we move towards the season when people are competing at weekends, the Wednesday session is great as a mid-week focus after some recovery. Don't feel intimidated about taking part on a Wednesday, all runners are welcome.

800 metres
3200 metre
800 metres
Andy Taylor
Colin Gregory
Sam Wardle
Andy O’Reilly
Dean Jackson
James Chadwick
Andrew Sykes
James Taylor
Elizabeth Caldwell
Jas Holt
Libby Murphy

15.10 (6 laps)

Friday, 24 November 2017

2018 Club Grand Prix and Club Championship races

Club Grand Prix and Club Championships

We are running a club Grand Prix again in 2018. At the last AGM members asked us to run Grand Prix to encourage members to do events with their club mates and to encourage a bit of competition within the club. The committee have selected the following events for 2018. We have been requested to include a middle distance event which we have done. We have included 3 standard and 3 sprint distance races, a duathlon and an aquabike (swim/bike). They are listed below. We have tried to avoid the most expensive events. Most events get booked up well beforehand so get planning. Men and women will be scored separately

The scoring system will be 50 points for first club finisher, 45 for second, 40 for third, 39 for fourth, 38 for fifth, 37 for sixth and so on plus points for age group finish position in the whole race. If you finish 1st in your triathlon age group you get 40 - 1 = 39 points. If you finish 2nd in your age group you get 40 -2 = 38 points and so on. If you are 40th or below in age group you get 1 point. Triathlon age groups are in 5 year bands

For each member their 5 best scores from events will count

April ? Decathlon Duathlon – no date available
6th May Horwich Triathlon pool
27th May Rossendale Sprint Triathlon pool
3rd June Deva Standard Distance ow £68
10th June EpicMan Lancs Half Ironman ow
30th June (Saturday) Ripon Standard Distance or Aquabike ow £65
8th July Deva Divas Women's Sprint Tri ow
14th July (Saturday) Ullswater Standard Distance ow £45
26th August West Lancs Sprint Tri pool
9th Sept Fleetwood Sprint Tri pool
30th Sept Oulton Park Duathlon Standard Distance (for men’s GP) or Sprint Distance (for women’s GP)

There will be awards for the winners and runners up in the male and female Grand Prix

Club Championship races
Sprint Distance - Rossendale Sprint Triathlon  27th May
Standard Distance – Ullswater Standard Triathlon 14th July (this event doesn’t get fully booked)
Duathlon – Decathlon Duathlon (if it doesn’t happen then it will be Oulton Park Duathlon)
Aquathlon – Elton Reservoir date to be announced

Awards are made to the first female and first male BTC member in these races

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Run time trials Nov 2017

Second time round for our track time trials. These are repeated every 6 to 8 weeks and the aim is to reduce cumulative time and be able to run the last 800m faster than the first. Here are the results from 30th Aug and Wed 8th Nov

First Name Surname 0.8k 3.2k 0.8k Total 4.8k
Colin Gregory 00:03:00 00:12:22 00:02:55 00:18:17
Shaun Patten 00:03:02 00:13:02 00:02:58 00:19:02
Erica Booth 00:03:02 00:13:02 00:02:58 00:19:02
Lee Cooper 00:03:14 00:14:09 00:03:13 00:20:36
Sam Marsden 00:03:15 00:14:14 00:03:18 00:20:47
Miriam Harrison 00:03:11 00:14:30 00:03:14 00:20:55
Stuart Carter 00:03:38 00:15:16 00:03:30 00:22:24
Ella Carter 00:03:56 00:18:08 00:03:56 00:26:00
Abigail Wilson 00:04:52 00:21:40 00:04:58 00:31:30
Jessica Sammon 00:04:52 00:21:40 00:04:58 00:31:30
Lee Gerrard 00:02:52 00:13:05 00:02:57 00:18:54
Erica Booth 00:02:59 00:13:06 00:03:01 00:19:06
Andy O'Reilly 00:03:05 00:13:06 00:02:58 00:19:09
John Miles 00:03:14 00:13:29 00:03:18 00:20:01
Lee Cooper 00:03:08 00:13:47 00:03:12 00:20:07
Dean Jackson 00:03:15 00:13:55 00:03:03 00:20:13
Graham King 00:03:17 00:14:27 00:03:07 00:20:51
Rob Quilliam 00:03:22 00:14:31 00:03:07 00:21:00
Sam Marsden 00:03:15 00:14:59 00:03:26 00:21:40
Aiden Kane 00:03:20 00:15:35 00:03:23 00:22:18
Phil Holden 00:03:30 00:15:40 00:03:38 00:22:48
Tom Mitchell 00:03:46 00:15:47 00:03:32 00:23:05
Elizabeth Caldwell 00:03:30 00:16:08 00:03:39 00:23:17
Jasmine Holt 00:03:30 00:16:08 00:03:44 00:23:22
0.8k 1.6k 0.8k Total 3.2k
Nina  Carter 00:04:18 00:08:32 00:04:15 00:17:05
Zee Cooper 00:04:46 00:09:35 00:04:29 00:18:50
Christine Marsden 00:04:46 00:09:35 00:04:29 00:18:50
Lynn Haliwell 00:04:46 00:10:33 00:05:14 00:20:33

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Training Plan for an Olympic Distance Triathlon

Maybe you are planning to do an An Olympic Distance Triathlon, also known as Standard Distance Triathlon, next year. It is a 1.5k swim, 40k bike and 10k run. Here is a 12 week plan to get you up to the required fitness for race day. Up until then, over the winter and spring, you need to build up your endurance and aerobic fitness by training at steady pace and gradually increasing distances. Also time spent perfecting your swim technique and doing some strength and conditioning work will both pay off later.
Good Luck 👍 Lukas Siska - Head Coach - Bolton Tri Club