Monday, 11 February 2019

Bolton Tri Club AGM Wed 27th Feb 7.15pm Bolton University Sports Dept

Please make every effort to attend the club 2019 AGM on Wed 27th Feb. All members and parents of junior members are welcome. Have your say in important decisions on how the club is run and how it develops. All the following committee positions are up for election and all positions can be shared.
Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare Officer, Membership Secretary, Website/Publicity officer, Communications officer, Club kit officer,  Junior Section Representative, Social Secretary, 3 General Committee members
 Last year's Social secretary Liz Wilson did a great job but is now standing down and last year's club secretary moved away so we are looking for members to fill both these positions. Anyone interested who wants to know what this would involve just ask me or reply to this e-mail 

Bolton University's sports department are letting us use a room for free. Don't go in the swimming pool entrance but go in the entrance which is on the left side of the Jason Kenny centre when your are facing it. There is a sign saying '<-entrance for sports hall/climbing wall'. We hope to finish at 9.15 but it will definitely be over by 9.30 at the latest.

Hope to see you there

Monday, 21 January 2019

Critical Swim Speed Training at Farnworth senior session

the results from 12th January Saturday senior swim session are attached 

We did 200m and then 400m later in the session. These times have been used to work out your critical swim speed per 100m. This corresponds to lactate threshold pace i.e. swim faster than this and you start to go into your anaerobic zone building up lactic acid and being unable to sustain the pace

For those who missed it we will be repeating the tests on 16th Feb or or you can time yourself and send me your times. The Critical Swim Speeds will be used to allocate swimmers to lanes and to determine your interval times for main sets. 

For triathlon where we swim long distances it is your aerobic capacity (and technique) that will determine how fast you can complete a 400m, 750m or 1500m swim. The most efficient way to improve your aerobic capacity is to work at lactate threshold pace or just below i.e. sustained speed with short recoveries. The CSS pace may seem comfortable at the start of a 1200 or 1500 main set but it is a challenge to keep the pace up as the set goes on with only short recoveries.

Go to the Swim Smooth website if you want to know more about this Here you will also find advice on designing your own sessions based on your 100m CSS. Basically you do 100m repeats on 100m CSS +10secs or 200m repeats on 2 x 100m CSS + 20secs or 300 repeats on 3 x 100m CSS +30secs or 400m repeats on 4 x 100m CSS +40secs. It is important not to take longer rests than this otherwise your heart rate drops and you lose the training effect.

We will repeat the tests on  16th Feb so you can see the improvement in your CSS pace from training in this way. Mind you - you will have to train and swim at least once a week, and preferably more often 


Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Bolton Tri Club 2019 membership is now open

Please click on the BookitZone logo below to join Bolton Tri Club for 2019 or to renew your membership. The link on the website membership page has also been updated now. Membership will run from whenever you join until 31st Jan 2020. We do not take paper or postal applications.  If it is the first time you have used BookitZone you will be asked to register with them first but it is easy and very quick

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

BTC Session Attendance form 2019/2020

Club members who collect money at sessions. Please use this on-line form to record the number who attended and the money taken. The information gathered helps us to keep track of finances and helps the committee with information  to make decisions. Thanks Stuart C. Club Chairman.

Monday, 10 December 2018

BTC 2019 Club Grand Prix and Club Championship Races

We are running a club Grand Prix again in 2019. The aim of the Grand Prix to encourage members to do events with their club mates and to encourage a bit of friendly competition within the club. The committee have taken into account all feedback received and selected the following events for 2019. We have focused on local sprint and standard distance triathlons but have also included a middle distance; a couple of duathlons; and an aquabike (swim/bike). Most events get booked up well beforehand so get planning. Men and women will be scored separately 

The scoring system will be as in previous years, 50 points for first club finisher, 45 for second, 40 for third, 39 for fourth, 38 for fifth, 37 for sixth and so on plus points for age group finish position in the whole race. If you finish 1st in your triathlon age group you get 40 - 1 = 39 points. If you finish 2nd in your age group you get 40 -2 = 38 points and so on. If you are 40th or below in age group you get 1 point. Triathlon age groups are in 5 year bands For each member their 5 best scores from events will count. This scoring system deliberately favours participation, the more events you compete in the better chance you have of winning.

You might be interested in checking out the 2018 Grand Prix results

The Bolton Tri will be the Club Sprint Tri Championship Race
The Ripon Tri will be the Club Standard Distance Tri Championship Race
The Holcombe Duathlon will be the Club Duathlon Championship Race
There will also be an award for the first Club finisher in the Deva Divas Womens Sprint Tri

2019 Price (BTF Members)
West Lancs Spring Triathlon
Sprint Tri (Pool)
Oulton Park Spring Duathlon
Standard Duathlon
TBC (Apr 2019)
Horwich Triathlon (Pool)
Standard (ish) Tri (Pool)
St Annes Triathlon
Sprint Tri (Pool)
Southport Triathlon
Standard Tri (OW)
Rossendale Sprint
Sprint Tri (Pool)
26/05/2019 tbc
Deva Middle distance
Middle Distance Tri (OW)
£95 early bird
Bolton fun tri
Sprint Tri (Pool)
TBC  possible BTC discount
Ripon Triathlon Festival
Standard Distance/ Aquabike (OW)
Deva Divas (female only)
Sprint Tri (OW)
Salford Triathlon
Standard Tri (OW)
West Lancs Summer Tri (Pool)
Sprint Tri (Pool)
TBC (August 2019)
Fleetwood Triathlon
Sprint Tri (Pool)
Holcombe Mountain Trial Duathlon
TBC (September 2019)

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Next Club Ride Sunday 30th Sept

On Sunday 30th
Ashworth Valley Loop. Meet up 8.30 am Leverhulme Park. Easy pace, no one will be dropped, cafe stop, 49km and 700m climbing. Make hills your friend! John Grimshaw will lead and I will be back up. Pleased to say that we now have a ride leader for every Sunday up to Christmas except Sunday 4th November (any takers?). Keep an eye on Bolton Tri Club Strava group for all the details as rides get posted 

Here is the route

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Tameside Junior Duathlon and Adult Go-Tri Duathlon

Light rain is forecast at Tameside all day. Please be prepared for this as there is nowhere to shelter and you will be on a grass field most of the time.

Children will get a goody bag with fruit and snacks inside but there is no catering on site so bring drinks and something to eat

The cycle track surface is tarmac and any kind of bike will do but a road bike is an advantage.

The Tristar bike is 1.5 laps. They will do the half lap first followed by the full lap

Click here for the start list.

Here is the  race information pack and timetable that has been sent to all entrants.

Entries have now closed. No entries on the day are possible.