Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Next Club Ride Sunday 30th Sept

On Sunday 30th
Ashworth Valley Loop. Meet up 8.30 am Leverhulme Park. Easy pace, no one will be dropped, cafe stop, 49km and 700m climbing. Make hills your friend! John Grimshaw will lead and I will be back up. Pleased to say that we now have a ride leader for every Sunday up to Christmas except Sunday 4th November (any takers?). Keep an eye on Bolton Tri Club Strava group for all the details as rides get posted 

Here is the route

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Tameside Junior Duathlon and Adult Go-Tri Duathlon

Light rain is forecast at Tameside all day. Please be prepared for this as there is nowhere to shelter and you will be on a grass field most of the time.

Children will get a goody bag with fruit and snacks inside but there is no catering on site so bring drinks and something to eat

The cycle track surface is tarmac and any kind of bike will do but a road bike is an advantage.

The Tristar bike is 1.5 laps. They will do the half lap first followed by the full lap

Click here for the start list.

Here is the  race information pack and timetable that has been sent to all entrants.

Entries have now closed. No entries on the day are possible.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Training Aquathlon results Tue 17th July and Tue 12th June at Elton Sailing Club

Results from training aquathlon at Elton reservoir on 17th July. Click here

Next one 14th August 7pm. Choose long or short swim, long or short run or any combination

Results from 12th June are here

Friday, 25 May 2018

First triathlon of the year? Here's a checklist you might find useful.

Sprint Tri Checklist-always check race attachments for specific rules about what you can take/leave in transition. If you're doing Rossendale on Sunday you will find transition is very close to swim and marshals check bikes thoroughly at this ride. It will be hot. Fortunately Marl Pits has lockers for valuables and post race showers/change.

Checks days before

Check you have clean goggles & swim/wetsuit bag/kit

Check your bike is clean (especially of old stickers), has handlebar ends (go to Evans if you need some or steal from second bike if last minute) and that you have tyres etc in good condition.

Print off/save your swim time & plan parking, breakfast & route time before the day.

Plan what you’ll do with keys/valuables if you’re travelling alone.

Pack kit.

Carrying stuff

A small rucksack or carrier bag for post-event shower/change, toiletries, towel, car keys and valuables & some change for a locker (usually 20p, 50p or £1 coin at leisure centres)

A large reusable and foldable carrier bag for all things going to transition. Some events let you leave the bag in transition next to your bike-otherwise fold it up and put in your locker or under some shoes.

Swim kit for transition

·        Tri shorts, swimsuit, or tri suit (flip flops if allowed)

·        If you’re a woman you might want to wear a non-wired sports bra under your trisuit/swim gear for extra support on run route

·        Goggles/brightly coloured swim hat if not provided. Noseclip if you suffer from swimmers’ flu

·        Bath bright coloured towel

·        (Wetsuit if OW included)

Bike kit for transition

·        Bike (label it up before transition)

·        Helmet (label it up before transition)

·        Cycling shoes and socks (if wearing)

·        Sunglasses

·        Water bottle(s) leave a bottle of plain water in transition in hot conditions

·        Nutrition 

·        Tool Kit: tube, levers, multi-tool (to be honest I use a track pump to sort my tyres on race day and leave a toolkit under my seat). I have never needed a repair kit.

·        Track pump (pump up your tires before you leave home) there will almost always be someone with a good pump at the event

Running kit

·        Running shoes with tri laces-Tobutt’s do a good selection and many events sell on day or pre-race registration

·        Race belt & scissors (snip 2 holes to make life easier)

·        Hat/visor and or sunscreen if it’s summer/sunny

Other optional in brackets

·        (Training device (Garmin, Timex, etc.) & heart rate strap)

·        Sunscreen

·        (Plasters)

·        (Post-race, warm change of clothes)

·        Post-race recovery drink/snack. Anything to eat and a glass of milk will help. Lots of fluid on hotter days

Race Day

·        Time when you’ll be able to eat breakfast and put your kit on afterwards

·        Eat only familiar, digestible foods (example: banana and a bagel with jam). Don’t eat anything new/faddy on race day

·        Sip fluids between breakfast & your start time.

·        Most races have your number attached to your spot in transition. Walk from swim exit to your bike a few times and check bike out and in.

·        Make a mental note of landmarks to help you easily find your place on rack.

·        Use a bright-colored towel on floor and I attach a cycling jersey to my bike to help it stand out.

·        If you’re putting on a cycling jersey leave snacks in pockets if not leave opened snack in shoes. A snack on bike leg will help the run. Cut a banana in half and leave in transition for a boost.

·        After setting up transition put valuables/post race gear into a locker & visit loo.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Open Water Swimming at Elton Reservoir Bury

To register for open water swimming at Elton click here 

Bolton Tri Club are hosting open water swim sessions at Elton Sailing Club in Bury which start on 
Tue 15th May and run every Tuesday until 4th September. You can swim anytime between 5 and 8 pm (or 7.30pm on 4th Sept). There are changing rooms and hot showers. To save everyone time we ask people to register on-line beforehand - there will be no paper registration forms. It is £5 a swim or £3 for Bolton Tri Club members. For juniors it is £3 a swim or £2 for BTC members. But you can get free swims if you provide kayak safety cover for an hour. The registration fee for non-BTC members is normally £5 but has been reduced to £1 for the last 3 sessoins.

We have monthly training aquathons with a choice of distances on 12th June, 17th July and 14th August. For novice open water swimmers who want to improve their skills and confidence there will be coached sessions starting in June from 6.30 to 7.15pm. Also catch us on Facebook search  for 'Open Water Swimming at Elton Sailing Club'. 

Directions to Elton Sailing Club. Use this postcode if relying on SatNav BL8 2BR
If travelling down Bolton Road (A58) towards Bury turn right at the Wellington Pub into Kitchener Street signposted Elton Reservoir and Cygnet Hospital. 
At end of Kitchener St turn right into Buller Street. Turn left over a small bridge signposted Cygnet Hospital. Once over bridge bear right and down lane to Sailing Club.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Spinning Class 10 Minute Time Trial

On Monday night spin classes myself and Anthony do a mid-evening session between the two scheduled Les Mills sessions.

We have several people using the bike sessions as a warm up for runs, as a post run brick session or people doing a double spin session.

Now that we have a simple computer we can do brief time trials between sessions once a month. Last night we did the first one and this is the first set of results;

10 minute time trial

Name                           RPM minimum/gear chosen             Distance
Julia C                              95/11                                               5.1
John H                              95/14                                               4.8
Dave R                              99/13                                               5.1
Laurence J                        95/15                                               4.8
Rosalyn D                         90/13                                               5.3
Jennifer                             90/13                                               4.8
Kathryn                              90/11                                               4.8
Andy O                               102/14                                            5.2
Josh O                               94/10                                               4.4

The computer is pretty simple. However it does give you an opportunity to check progress by having a default higher gear each month. Keeping a record of distance per session/calories etc. I take my phone and screen capture my sessions.

Well done everyone for the effort. We'll do another one in May.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Friday Cycling Sessions

The aims of these sessions are to promote Cycle Confidence, Skills and Stamina

Adults - Want to develop your confidence and skills so you feel prepared to enter triathlons & duathlons or join rides out on the roads?
Juniors (min age 9) – do you also want to spend more time on your bike so you can ride stronger in junior series events?
Do you have a road bike or hybrid?

Then join us on the track at Leverhulme Park on Fridays  - £3/£2 a session

Confidence and Skills.

Each session we will spend 30 minutes on one of the following

·         Bike Maintenance

·         Using your gears

·         Practicing with cleats or toe clips

·         Drinking on the move

·         Group riding

·         Bike handling, corners, hills, stopping and starting

·         Triathlon transition

·         Bike Set up


Each session we will spend at least 30 minutes riding almost continuously using variety of activities to build up your cycling fitness and stamina. Examples of activities

4k/6k/8k/10k time trials - Russian Steps – Madison – Wipe out – Pursuits – Group riding – Chain gang

The coaching team is Stuart Carter, Rosalyn Dines, Peter Fry, Julia Coleman, Andy Taylor and Nina Carter so ask any of them for more information.

We respond to feedback and add sessions to meet members' specific needs. As the weather and light improves we also make use of the park for climbing and other skills. We look forward to seeing you there.