Friday, 4 April 2014

Nick's turbo session 4th April 14


Warm up to 65% max heart rate using gears over 10 mins

Pre main
5 x 30 second sprints (110-120 rpm) - 30 seconds easy at 90rpm

main set- Big aerobic set - 

These are longer efforts aimed at middle distance type races
2 x 30 mins @75-80 % - hold heart rate below 80% but no less than 75 % for the entire 30 mins - rpm- high 80s - low 90s (88-93 rpm)- with 3 mins recovery between each rep 


2 x 10 mins @80-85% with 2 mins recovery - increase heart rate on these but keep cadence the same (88-93 rpm)

1hr 45 mins

This is a longer set with some long aerobic intervals in it but still with some faster stuff at the end, concentrate on keeping heart rate at the right level throughout. 


Run strong off the bike for the first 15 mins keeping h/r below 85% but not less than 80%

following this depending on how long you can run or what your race is for take this session as a longer steady run (70-75%)- try your fueling options to make sure they suit you and practice where you are going to carry them whilst running. 

Try to run for at least an hour total ,but if your doing ironman you could make this session as long as you want up to about  a 1hr 45 run  at this stage in the year making it a 3hrs 30 turbo brick in total. 

If you are planning on going longer then you will also need to fuel while on the turbo, you should be doing this anyway on longer turbos , try your drinks and gels etc that you will use on race day to prepare your stomach for what it will get on the day. 


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