Monday, 30 June 2014

Turbo brick for those racing end of july/aug/ sept time

Warm up (slightly different than usual)

5 mins spinning 90rpm

1 x 3 mins ILT – 30 seconds each leg 90rpm

5 mins – 100rpm

1 x 3 mins ILT- 30 Seconds each leg 90 rpm

4 mins 110 rpm-

Use the gears as you get more warmed up but get the rpm right and you will warm up naturally, not above 75%

5 x hill reps (big chainring) as

1 min- 110 rpm
1min 30 secs – 60 rpm (last 30 out of the saddle)
1min 30 secs – 70 rpm
30 seconds- 110 rpm
30 rest
X 5
Heart rate upto 80% on this set- no less than 75%- use gears to achieve required rpm

Time should now be 45 mins

Main set

3 x 20 mins @85%

5 mins easy – down to 60%

high intensity intervals- as we are not going out on the bikes (we do need to go out on the bikes every week at some point from now on!) we need to do some high intensity stuff . This should be very hard and on the limit by the time we get to the last effort, this is block 5 so its time to take it up a notch as we are approaching the end.

2 hrs total time

Run – 1hr- this is a 3 hr brick

15 mins steady

10 x 2 mins hard (I pace)
1 min regroup- no walking

15 mins steady

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