Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Swim session changes

Bolton One Thurday swim session 8 to 9pm is ending on Thu 31st July

New swim session to replace it starting at Ladybridge Wed 6th August 7 to 8pm

Hi all

Bolton One are insisting that we can only have 3 lanes from end of July. In addition any discounts we have had from them will no longer be available so it will cost £20 per lane per hour. We have managed to break even until now but only because we had some discount periods when they did not charge us at all or gave us 4 lanes for the price of 3. As a result the committee have decided to replace this session with one at Ladybridge pool where we can have the whole pool for £38 including the lifeguard. The pool is 4 lanes.

http://www.swimming.org/poolfinder/pools/1002529/bolton/ladybridge-leisure-centre?back=%7C122%7C Postcode is BL3 4LG.

The session will be coached by Faye or Nick Jackson as usual and be suitable for the same level of swimmers who attend Bolton One (those who do Ian’s sessions on a Saturday).

Next year we propose to include this session in the direct debit scheme. We might have to increase direct debits slightly. Until then it will be £3 a session.

The Wed night session at Smithills 8 to 9pm will continue and this is suitable for all levels of swimmers who want to focus on technique and stroke improvement

Extra junior swim session

We are also going to consider having an extra midweek junior session if we can get a suitable time  and venue and coaches are available. Please reply if your child would be interested in attending a midweek session.

Help needed with registration desk on Monday nights

With regard to the Levehulme Park session we could do with a rota of volunteers to help Karen at the registration desk.  She is finding it impossible to take all the money and deal with all the enquiries and questions at the same time. We need an extra person to introduce newcomers to coaches and and explain things to them

Let me know  if you can help


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