Thursday, 5 March 2015

3hr Turbo brick

Turbo- 1hr 57 mins- as

usual 20 mins gearing pyramid - small chainring starting heart rate at 60%, find a gear that this works, then do 6 mins like this , 5 mins down one gear, 4 mind down another gear, 3 mins another, 2 mins another - over the course of the 20 mins each time you drop a gear heart rate should increase so by the end you are at 75%- try to keep cadence 90 rpm

into big chainring- 5 x 20 seconds max- 40 easy
                               - 3 x 30 seconds max- 30 easy

the max efforts are exactly that- 110rpm in a gear that has some sort of resistance on it- heart rate is not important on these as long as it doesn't go down- for me it usually shoots up to around 85-90%

2 mins easy to 30 mins

into - 28 mins @75% heart rate- 88-92 rpm- long aerobic effort- keep heart rate within zone and also cadence.
2 mins easy- should be 60 mins now

main set-

4 x 15 mins - as
7 mins @80-85% heart rate- 90 rpm
immediately into- (in same gear or 1 gear harder)
5 x 40 seconds max/ 20 easy
followed by 3 mins easy recovery
after 3 mins easy-repeat 4 time through

On sunday we occasionally put 2 mins in on the 7 mins efforts at 60 rpm- by going into the hardest gear and trying to keep heart rate the same at 85%- we did 3 of these over the 4 lots of 7 mins.

1hr 57 (without the last 3 mins easy as straight into run below)

Run- off the bike , quick change - hard 4 mile loop - push as hard as you can

session worked out for most people around 2hrs 30 mins.

cheers nick

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