Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Decathlon Duathlon Practice Easter Sunday

This Sunday 27th March 2016 we will be riding (and running) the Decathlon Duathlon route. Whilst the ride is challenging it is well within the capabilities of the riders who have taken part in the Sunday rides recently, so don't be put off. It is also a great route to practice on regardless of whether you are taking part in the race itself or not.
So here is some important information : Meeting at Wilton Arms on Belmont Rd. at 8 a.m to be ready to ride at 8.30 please be punctual as I will be holding a quick info. briefing before you set off so pls be there with time to spare.(I will be there from 7.30)
We have been given permission by the Wilton Arms to use their small side (overflow) car park until 11.30-12 (at the latest) there is parking for approx. 12 cars if there are more then please do not park on other car parks unless you are sure you will be done by 12! We are lucky to have the use of the car park as can be used as a makeshift transition and this is the actual starting point of the race.
We will be doing the Bike route first to enable all to set off together and allow for those who do not wish to run later to set off once finished their ride. The route is a straight out and back down to the motorway roundabout and return approx. 28km. Details on the day or check out the race organisers website. Please note this is not a coached ride but support will be offered should you need it. The ride is all on road mostly in good condition but there are sections of road works and potholes in places. It is an undulating course so expect some hills!!!!
For those doing the run you can then Transition in the car park and set off on the 6km (approx.) course which will be marked with sawdust to aid navigation. Someone (probably me) will stay with your bikes/cars whilst you run. The route is undulating and a mix of trail and road. Please be aware the section/path around Horrocks wood is quite badly fissured in parts so care is needed. Also the track leading down 'the devils footpath' is rocky, narrow, steep and in parts slippy. Particular care needs to be taken at the base as there are overhanging trees at head height and the path is narrow and rocky.
Should anyone want to run before they bike pls PM me and I will help out with this as best I can.
As always you are responsible for your own safety, so pls ensure your bike is in good working order, you MUST wear a helmet at all times, rear lights are advisable. Bike and running gear should be appropriate for conditions. I would personally be happy to run in road shoes but its up to you. The ride is a good opportunity to practice with nutrition so make sure you bring your own. fluid is advisable also. With all that said, apologies for the length of this post but want to cover all bases. Thank you and look forward to a good turn out. Andy Bassett

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