Thursday, 7 April 2016

New sessions and help requests

Monday Nights

Spinning sessions have been extended to 2 consecutive ones which members attend for either the first or second 45 minutes or double up for extra impact. 
Running is very popular and we would like to introduce a rota (as we did with the spinning) to support the existing coaches and to cover holiday periods over the summer. If you would be willing to be part of a running coaching rota please contact Julia on

Thursday Run Sessions

Mark Loates has kindly volunteered to act as run leader for 14+ members at 7.45pm from 21st April. This will last one hour and can therefore happen in parallel with juniors attending the Smithills swimming session.

Members should arrive in kit and ready to run at 7.45 on the playground near the pool. This session is free of charge.

Friday cycle skills training followed by strength and conditioning 

These are now underway with cycling for adults & children from 6.30 for an hour followed by Andy Bassett's strength & conditioning session for 45 minutes. Members should have their bikes ready for the session & there are some bikes for youngsters to loan if they get there in good time

Saturday extra swimming session

Given the popularity of the 4-5.30 Saturday Adult swim in Farnworth we are trialling an additional session at the same time for top 3 lane swimmers at Bolton School from the 16th April. We would be grateful for any coaches who volunteer for cover and extra capacity for these sessions on a rota  and for anyone who could offer to help with collecting money. In either case if you could help please contact me at the above email address 

Many thanks Julia 

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