Monday, 10 December 2018

BTC 2019 Club Grand Prix and Club Championship Races

We are running a club Grand Prix again in 2019. The aim of the Grand Prix to encourage members to do events with their club mates and to encourage a bit of friendly competition within the club. The committee have taken into account all feedback received and selected the following events for 2019. We have focused on local sprint and standard distance triathlons but have also included a middle distance; a couple of duathlons; and an aquabike (swim/bike). Most events get booked up well beforehand so get planning. Men and women will be scored separately 

The scoring system will be as in previous years, 50 points for first club finisher, 45 for second, 40 for third, 39 for fourth, 38 for fifth, 37 for sixth and so on plus points for age group finish position in the whole race. If you finish 1st in your triathlon age group you get 40 - 1 = 39 points. If you finish 2nd in your age group you get 40 -2 = 38 points and so on. If you are 40th or below in age group you get 1 point. Triathlon age groups are in 5 year bands For each member their 5 best scores from events will count. This scoring system deliberately favours participation, the more events you compete in the better chance you have of winning.

You might be interested in checking out the 2018 Grand Prix results

The Bolton Tri will be the Club Sprint Tri Championship Race
The Ripon Tri will be the Club Standard Distance Tri Championship Race
The Holcombe Duathlon will be the Club Duathlon Championship Race
There will also be an award for the first Club finisher in the Deva Divas Womens Sprint Tri

2019 Price (BTF Members)
West Lancs Spring Triathlon
Sprint Tri (Pool)
Oulton Park Spring Duathlon
Standard Duathlon
TBC (Apr 2019)
Horwich Triathlon (Pool)
Standard (ish) Tri (Pool)
St Annes Triathlon
Sprint Tri (Pool)
Southport Triathlon
Standard Tri (OW)
Rossendale Sprint
Sprint Tri (Pool)
26/05/2019 tbc
Deva Middle distance
Middle Distance Tri (OW)
£95 early bird
Bolton fun tri
Sprint Tri (Pool)
TBC  possible BTC discount
Ripon Triathlon Festival
Standard Distance/ Aquabike (OW)
Deva Divas (female only)
Sprint Tri (OW)
Salford Triathlon
Standard Tri (OW)
West Lancs Summer Tri (Pool)
Sprint Tri (Pool)
TBC (August 2019)
Fleetwood Triathlon
Sprint Tri (Pool)
Holcombe Mountain Trial Duathlon
TBC (September 2019)

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