Friday, 14 March 2014

Farnworth Pool Breathing Issues

> Steven and fellow Members of the Triathlon Club

> Reference - Farnworth Pool

> Firstly, apologies, I have been on Annual Leave recently during which, I have moved house, hence I haven't been as close to the business over the last two or three weeks as I would have liked to have been.

> I am not surprised to hear that you are still experiencing issues at Farnworth Pool however I am happy that yours is now the only Club that this is affecting so I believe the situation has improved.

> Approximately four or five weeks ago a "key" sensor within the Air Handling system was replaced and it was considered that once this was replaced we would have far better control over the system and would be able to resolve the issues you have faced.

> I am totally happy that the "fault" is being caused by our inability to control the Air Handling Units at the Pool and not the chemical treatment or operation of the Swimming Pool filters and Plant and this is borne out by our regular Laboratory Pool test results which are collected and tested by an independent Contractor.

> The most recent issues have been caused by the total failure of the Building Energy Management System which went down virtually one or two days after the sensor was replaced leaving us without the ability to set up and test the system adequately hence, for the last three to four weeks, we have been operating the Air Handling systems on manual "override" settings which is far from ideal.

> The original Sensor Order was placed on 21st January 2014 and a further Order to totally replace the BEMS system was placed on 26th February following further tests and receipt of quotations. The cost of the new system, although irrelevant to your good-selves, is £4666.00 which should demonstrate our continued willingness to try to resolve these issues.

> Two Engineers from Detail Design Engineering (DDE) of Sale have been on site on Wednesday and Thursday (yesterday) to fit, test, calibrate and commission the new system and will be returning today, Friday, if they were unable to complete the works. Throughout this time my HVAC Engineer, Don McInnes, has also been on site assisting and supporting where he can indeed, it is imperative moving forward, that Don is totally conversant with the brand new system we have had installed.

> Gentlemen this is my last throw of the dice and, once commissioned, if you still experience further issues I will be recommending that your session at Farnworth Pool is discontinued and we try to accommodate your Club elsewhere on the Contract.

> There is an Air Handling Heat Recovery System at Farnworth Pool which assists us in controlling utility consumption and this is prevalent in such pools of this type. We should be able to set and operate the system without affecting the quality of the swimming experience but I have been totally thwarted in recent months by the system failures we have experienced.

> I believe that, with some undoubted experimentation, we should now be able to reach an all round happy situation for both ourselves, the conservationists and the Triathlon Club but, if we cannot resolve the issues then my only alternative would be to try to accommodate you elsewhere.

> May I finally say, this is not meant to be a list of excuses, this is the unfortunate history we have experienced of late. I apologise as I know this has affected your session and it is my professional intention to try to resolve these issues moving forward.

> Unfortunately I am in South Wales this Saturday but I will try to ensure that Don Mcinnes is in attendance on Saturday to check the settings during your session. Please could you write back and confirm the appropriate time slots such that Don is in attendance to monitor your session appropriately.

> Thank-you for both your time and patience
> I genuinely hope that we can now put this behind us.

> Thanks
> Chris
> Chris Jackson

> Project and Technical Manager 
> Horwich Leisure Centre
> Victoria Road
> Horwich
> Bolton, Lancashire
> BL6 5PY
> T +44 (0)120 433 4488 
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