Friday, 21 March 2014

Weekend Turbo Brick session 23rd March

A session for this weekend if anyone needs one. A few of us will be doing this session on Sunday.

Don/ Lisa if you are racing/resting this Sunday save this session for next week to start you off with!


15 mins gearing pyramid taking heart rate to 70% of max.
Try to get Heart rate going up as quick as you can.

Intermediate set
5x 20 seconds max sprint - 40 seconds easy spinning

15 x 40 seconds max sprints - 20 seconds easy spinning.

The 'max' sprints should be done at least 110 rpm in a decent gear. 

Legs should be well and truly hurting after this set, heart rate isnt important during this set as long as it is over 75% which it will be.

After the 15th rep take 5 mins recovery not letting heart rate drop below 65% and cadence at 90 for these 5 mins. 

Total time now should be 40 mins.

Main set
5 x 10 mins with 2 mins recovery between reps all at 90-95 rpm

#1- @75% max heart rate
#2-@ 80% max heart rate
#3-@85% max heart rate
#4@ 85% max heart rate
#5-@90% max heart rate

This set,as you can see, gets gradually more intense, and should be very hard by the end- work out heart rates in advance to know where you need to be in advance of each rep.

to work out heart rate take your max- divide by 100 then x by the percentage you want.

After this set the time should be 1hr 40 mins. 

50 mins - half /hellvellyn /olympic
1hr 20 mins -ironman

Straight into run- upto 85%-90% off the bike for the first 20 mins.

After this regroup and try to run steadily around 75-80% for the rest of the run taking in some hills during your route.

Finsh the last 5 mins bringing h/r down to 60%

2hrs 30 /3hrs depending on run

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