Saturday, 11 October 2014

Important news about Monday night session

On Monday we had 54 juniors at the Leverhulme Park session and the week before we had well over  40.  We used all the bikes in the container and some children had to 'share' a bike. Numbers have been increasing for a while now as more people find out about the club and children bring their friends. It's good to see but we don't have the required number of coaches, bikes or space. We can't take in more and more children so we need to take some urgent action. Also some of the children attending are not members, don't bring a bike and have not provided a parental consent/emergency contact/medical form. The large number of children also made it difficult for the adult run session

After consultation with the committee we are implementing the following

1. Next week we will inform all juniors/parents at registration that from the following Monday 22nd September the session will be members only. Non members will be given a membership form and a parental consent/emergency contact/medical form to fill in or bring back the following week with a payment of £5 for the remainder of the year's membership. (This is pro rata to the annual membership for juniors of £15 which runs starts on 1st Jan)

2. We urge members to bring their own bike if at all possible. The bikes in the container were intended to be used by new attenders until they got their own bike or their parents got a bike carrier.

3. We will monitor attendance for the next 3 sessions and if numbers continue to be above 40 then we close membership for juniors until the end of the year and start a waiting list. Also we discourage members inviting friends along for the next 3 Mondays while we monitor.

4. We are ending the practice of giving children the first session free of charge

5. Adult and junior coaches will get together to discuss how to run junior and senior sessions safely alongside each other

6. We will discuss the overall issue at the next committee meeting on Tue 30th Sept. The above measures are aimed at managing the issue short term but obviously we will need to come up with some longer term solutions and ultimately we will need more coaches and sessions if we are going to expand so any offers to help are welcome.

Thanks for your co-operation


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