Wednesday, 13 January 2016

2016 membership due, save £5 by renewing before 1st Feb

2016 membership fees are now due and can be paid on-line. We will no longer be using paper membership forms. Go to the website and click the on-line application button in the top right of the page. Members who have renewed say it is very straightforward.

You do not need to download the medical/consent form from the club website as this info will be collected in the on-line membership application.This download is only there for people coming to a club session for the first time before joining.

As agreed at the AGM last night the adult membership fee, the family membership fee and the swim only membership fee will all increase by £5 on 1st Feb. In return 2016 membership will also cover ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) fees for anyone attending the BMSS run swim sessions for adults. At the moment members have to pay separately to join the ASA after attending 3 of these sessions and this costs £14.30.

These BMSS run sessions are the Tuesday morning swim at Farnworth 5.30 to 7 am, the Wed night swim at Smithills now at 8.30 to 9.45 pm and the Sunday session at Smithills 3 to 4 pm. By making this change we hope to remove any barriers to members attending these swims and also take some pressure off the Saturday Farnworth swim and the Wed night swim at Ladybridge, both of which can get very crowded. 

Any members not renewed by 1st March will be taken off the membership e-mail distribution list and will not be able to attend any more sessions until they have renewed

More news from the AGM to follow. This year we will be using the blog more to inform you all of club activities and races so save it to your favourites or check it regularly via the website

Stuart Carter
Club Chair

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