Thursday, 14 January 2016

New junior swim session - first 2 weeks free - starts 21st Jan

BTC Juniors Swim Development Group

In conjunction with Bolton Metro Swimming Squad (BMSS) we have organised an additional
swimming session for junior swimmers (7-16 year olds). This session will be coached by BMSS’s head coach Mike Robinson and will be at Smithills school on Thursday evening from 745pm – 9 pm.

This will be a BMSS session and therefore swimmers will be obliged to join BMSS and the Amateur Swimming Association. Because this is a new scheme that is starting, BTC have agreed to pay the ASA membership of any junior who does not already have this (normally £14.50). All BMSS swimmers pay for sessions by standing order and this will apply to this session also.

The costs are:

  • BMSS membership - £15
  • Monthly Standing Order (payable on 1st of month) - £10

Given the quality of the coaching that will be provided this is excellent value for money.

In the first instance, this will be open to the top two groups (usually coached by Stuart & Aiden). This excludes those swimmers who are already members of BMSS: their training requirements are better served by attending their usual BMSS session.

There is a limit to the number of swimmers so allocation of places will be first come first served.We are planning to start next Thursday (21/1/16) and so all parents who wish their child(ren) to be considered please e-mail providing the swimmers names as soon as possible.

BMSS will be providing the first two sessions free of charge (Standing orders are to be set up to run from 1st Feb)

Although the session is late evening this scheme represents an exceptional opportunity for our swimmers at a very modest cost and is wholeheartedly recommended by the coaches. Swimmers from Tri Club who attended a similar scheme a couple of years ago made astonishing progress.

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