Monday, 26 September 2016

Temporary Closure to New Members ages 13 and under

We are sorry we can’t take any new starters aged 7 to 13 until further notice. Membership has grown rapidly and the Monday junior run/bike session in particular has become overcrowded.

Any juniors who have only started in the past few weeks but have not yet joined will have until Monday 10th October to join the club. From 10th October only members will be able to train on Mondays and the on-line membership facility will block any new applications for those aged 13 and under by 1st Jan 2017.
Any juniors aged 14 or over by 1st Jan 2017 can still join but will need to train with the adults on Mondays and can attend adult/junior swims sessions and the Friday bike session.

We are working on ways to increase capacity and recruit more coaches so as to be able to accommodate more juniors in 2017. .

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