Saturday, 2 August 2014

Club Aquathlon Championships Elton Reservoir Tue 26th August

Our club aquathlon championship race will be held at Elton Reservoir and will be the 1500m swim/5k run event which will start at approx 7 pm. It is being hosted by us and Train2swim and so there will be other participants besides our own club members.

There isn't an entry fee apart from the £3 for adults/ £2 for juniors fee that we normally charge for open water swimming. You should be able to enter on-line at using a discount code for club members contact for the code. Other entries will cost £5 adults/£3 juniors

On the same night there will be other events running between 5pm and 7 pm in the order below
  • 150m swim/1k run for children aged 8 by 31/12/14
  • 400m swim/1.5k run for children ages 9 to 12 on 31.12.14
  • shorter 750m swim/2.5k run for adults and for juniors 13 - 16 on 31.12.14
There will be prizes for each category

Any junior aged 13 and over who wants to do the full distance race 1.5k/5k in order to compete for the club championships can do so

Any of these events are a good introduction to open water triathlon whatever your age or ability and there will be plenty of first timers taking part so give it a go

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