Friday, 15 August 2014

Intro of waiting list for Sat junior swim session 'improvers'

To all members and in particular our lovely volunteers who do registration at sessions

Introduction of a waiting list for ‘improvers’ group at junior swim session

We are now fortunate to have the problem of having more swimmers than we can teach in the ‘improvers’ lanes at the junior session. We have 3 junior groups, improvers, intermediate and advanced. Rather than take in more and more swimmers and not be able to teach them properly so that they progress we have decided to start up a waiting list. As swimmers move up into the intermediate lanes and make room in the beginners group we will take children off the waiting list. While they are on the waiting list junior members will be offered a place at BMSS Bubbles swim school at a discounted rate. Bubbles swim school is held at Ladybridge Pool on Saturdays 9.30 to 1.30 and is led by Tom McManus the deputy head coach at Bolton Metro Swim Squad. They have various groups from non-swimmers up to ASA level 10. The normal price at Bubbles is £40 for a course of 10 lessons.  For Bolton Tri Club members it will be £32 for 10 lessons and if the member is already paying for their Tri Club training sessions using our direct debit scheme then we will re-imburse them a further £12 on production of their Bubbles receipt making it only £2 a lesson. They can start at any time. See their website Please note that our minimum age for junior membership is 7 and this will still apply.

New junior swimmer who can already meet the standard for progression into the intermediate group or advanced group can start straight away as we can cater for more swimmers in these lanes at the moment. The entry requirement for the intermediate group is to be able to swim 150m front crawl in 3:30 or less and 50 back stroke in 1:20 or less.

From  this Saturday children wanting to come to the swim session for the first time should be advised that there is a waiting list for the beginners group and they will be assessed by one of the coaches to see which group they are suitable for. Just introduce them or their parent to one of the coaching team.

A word of advice

Although we call it the ‘improvers  group’ this does not mean it is a group for non-swimmers. It is a group for those who want to begin to do front crawl (and the other strokes) with the correct technique. It is a lane swim and younger children who still need to learn basic strokes are likely  to achieve quicker and better results by attending  sessions held in a teaching pool or sessions where they swim widths. Our coaches are trained to coach swimming not to teach swimming from scratch.

regards Stuart & Steve

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